September 17th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Attendees are:

  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Lucas Neter
  • Jennifer and Toby Kliem
  • Brad Hopkins
  • Jasmine Bouffard
  • Kelsey Chapman

Start time: 7:10 pm

Reading of last minutes: all in favor

The VIP hour was discussed more and laid out. Talked about who might be running the till/helping out. But they need to be over 18.

Secretary position discussed and Vanessa Millichamp set as Secretary till voted in in May. Asked if anyone else wanted position no offers.

Vet checks with Kelsey were discussed and volunteer to go around and assistance set.

Next meeting was discussed for possible dates and made for November 13th at Shawnessy. All in favour of date.

End time: 7:30 pm