November 18, 2019 – Meeting Minutes


  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Melissa McHaffie
  • Kass Lavon Reider
  • Greg West
  • Chris Stinson
  • Levi Sherman
  • Danielle Blote
  • Dawn Soul
  • Lucas Neter
  • Keanna Fox
  • Tyler Hookey
  • Cassandra Greene
  • Kylie French
  • Myrna Stevens
  • Zoe Kliem
  • Jennifer Kliem
  • Austin Dorman
  • Garth Paynter


Meeting started at 7:00 pm                   

Read previous minutes, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report – Current balance is $53,975.55, still waiting for some payments to come out.

Meet new people to show up at the meeting.

Andrea and Stephanie are leaving as of AGM. Izzy is still trying to find someone to take over.

Greg and Chris talk about the possibly taking over the shows and helping to keep TARAS going. They are wanting to have TARAS do just education parts and not do the show running. Large conversation about possibilities of funds for taking over and ways to help keep TARAS going and still making money.  

Discounts for memberships with Critters and Crawlers, as well as School House Pets. 

Discussed the training possibilities of sending 2-3  people for the government non-profit training to help run the group the way it should be run.  Voted on vote- in future to have 2 main and treasurer. Vote all passed unanimously (Brandon finding out more info for)

Discussed donating to local and non local organizations to get back to our mission statement. Getting a little more information to work out how much to donate. In agreement, just need to get more info to do so. 

Asked  the new people what they thought the meeting would be like and what they would like to see. Wanting to see more animals.

Christmas party December 14th at Chinook Bowling 5:00-6:30. Voted for cost of $270 and pot luck supper. Voted approved unanimously. Possibility of booking more space if need be voted approved. 

 Telus Spark event needs to be discussed to make a date. February 22nd Saturday possibly. TARAS to only cover 10$ per person with active membership. Admission – people pay the rest. All passed unanimously. 

Meeting ended at 8:50.