March 18th, 2019 – Meeting Minutes


  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Glyn and Andrea Hersom
  • Natasha Cholowsky
  • Lucas Neter
  • Dawn Soul
  • Chad Adamson
  • Bonnie Powell
  • Jennifer, Toby, & Zoe Kliem

Start time: 7:13 pm, went live at 7:50 as things to discuss off camera.

Account balance as of date is $24,909.54

Previous meeting minutes read and voted all unanimous.

Tables for show are rented and booked, Table cloths ordered.

Went over show break down and jobs; what’s done and what’s not as of yet.

Talked about getting 5- 10 dollar gift cards for people who stay to help clean up after Sunday show. Voted and unanimous vote.

Voted for fuel cover for a presentation in Olds for Brandon and Vanessa. Voted and unanimous.

Discussed boosting event cost wise for posters and spending.

Figuring out Midsun fall dates checking in with other events and groups.

End time: 8:53 pm

January 21st, 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Attending meeting:

  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Lucas Neter
  • Toby, Zoe, & Lachlan Kliem
  • Austin Dorman
  • Dawn Soul
  • Natasha Cholowsky

Start time: 7:00 pm at Deerfoot Meadows Petland

Reading of previous meeting minutes, all were in favor

Discussed the show set up for the May show, and from sounds of it all is just about ready to go.

Discussed posters and are pulling from last posters used just changing a couple of things.

Cody sending copy of show break down which is discussed and handed out jobs for the show.

Discussed having both vets at the May show so vet checks go faster.

Brandon and Vanessa are doing the tv media stuff for show information and getting it out there.

Talked about possible other game nights and if it was worth it or not.

Discussed day of learning on renting a 15 passenger van, TARAS pay fuel and van rental – voted on and vote unanimous.
Lucas driving van.

Also discussed other possible days of learning possibilities such as birds of prey museum and others.

Show Jobs

  • signs and posters – Lucas
  • Food truck – Cody
  • Show bookings this show – Stephanie
  • Show media/news channels – Brandon and Vanessa
  • Vet checks with the 2 vets – Brandon and Vanessa

End time: 8:40 pm with show and tell Florida king snake

November 13th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Attending meeting:

  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody Faulds
  • Natasha Chapman
  • Georgia Blum
  • Nena Zeck
  • Pat Ryan
  • Isabelle Cheung
  • Lucas Neter
  • Dawn Soul
  • Toby and Jennifer Kliem

Start time: 7:10 pm

Met and learned about the members at the meeting.

Discussed Bruce concerns and voted on live feed for permanent ban. The vote was unanimous (vote 11 yeses for life time ban) Bruce Carr and Arachnophiliacs.

Discussed possibly banning savs and tegus for sale at our shows as well as other big monitors as well. Nothing decided on that yet still needs to be discussed later on.

Discussed the show break down numbers and funds. Don’t have any of that yet need to get numbers from cody. (square 630, attendees 3792) still need more info from Cody so waiting on that.

Discussed having fish and wildlife at the show, either to donate a table to them or not. Voted on it and passed unanimous (vote 11)

Discussed with the lady that is doing the looking into possibly legalising certain bugs to not be banned anymore. Like the dubia roches, blue death feigning beetle, Florida ivy millipede. Voted for a donation to the cause vote was unanimous 11 to go fund me to help legalise bugs.

Talked about the AGM voting in spots for May meeting.

Switched over the volunteer coordinator position to Natasha Chapman from Iz. They’re working one on one to get it all switched over fully for the AGM.

Talked about a possible trip to Edmonton museum trip as an event for members, discussed possible dates. Discussing more at next meeting.
Bus rental/ van rental possibilities as well as meeting place to start.

Discussed venue dates for upcoming show waiting for options to hear back from other groups on their shows. Date still to be determined.

As well as talked about other meeting dates:
January 21st
March 18th
April 15th
May 21st
Jan 21,March 18, April 15 meetings at Deerfoot Heritage Meadows
May 21 st at Shaganappi location.

End time: 8:34 pm with show and tell snake.

September 17th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Attendees are:

  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Lucas Neter
  • Jennifer and Toby Kliem
  • Brad Hopkins
  • Jasmine Bouffard
  • Kelsey Chapman

Start time: 7:10 pm

Reading of last minutes: all in favor

The VIP hour was discussed more and laid out. Talked about who might be running the till/helping out. But they need to be over 18.

Secretary position discussed and Vanessa Millichamp set as Secretary till voted in in May. Asked if anyone else wanted position no offers.

Vet checks with Kelsey were discussed and volunteer to go around and assistance set.

Next meeting was discussed for possible dates and made for November 13th at Shawnessy. All in favour of date.

End time: 7:30 pm

May 7th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Start time : 7PM

Treasurer’s Report : $18,490.86

Review of meeting minute from February: Passed Unanimous

Discussion on MVP criteria

  • What makes them MVP
  • How to choose ie: who picks, draw, etc.
  • Izzy will ask around at what volunteers stuck out for people

Pick up name stickers for volunteers

Aquarium Society discussion:

  • Lei will speak to them
  • We are not acting till they have had some success in their own shows in order to protect TARAS best interest
  • What is the benefit to TARAS to combine with Aquarium society
  • Lei to gather info and present it
  • Tabled till a future time

Show Stuff

  • Show set up : Izzy and Stephanie
  • Tarped space is still an issue at this point . We have lost 5ft in space with scaffolding and tarps
  • Take the space from the vendors and not the patrons
  • Approach with possible partial refund after show if it is still an issue
  • Tentative table layout is finished
  • Look at for future clips of global past for kids corner on the TV
  • Advertising is going well and trending high
  • 2 signs had to be moved from north Costco to harvest hills and bow bottom to Costco by east hills
  • Cody to pick up 2 flats of pop and 4 flats of water: put to vote motion – passed
  • Vendor supper TBA : will be self paid , volunteers welcome but again self paid
  • Lucas and Dawn will organize
  • Volunteer times: Sat 7am -9 am start , Sunday 10 am start


  • President : Cody Faulds
  • Vice President : Glyn Hersom
  • Treasurer : Andrea Hersom
  • Secretary : Bonnie Powell
  • Bulletin Editor : Lucas Neter

General Board Members :

  • Brandon Millichamp
  • Chad Adamson
  • Dawn Soul
  • Isa Kar (Volunteer coordinator )
  • Stephanie Faulds
  • Vanessa Millichamp

Discussion on Bylaws

  • Must have 11 board members

Show and tell ideas for meetings

  • Looking for more unique ideas and animals
  • Fall reptile show is booked
  • We will not be doing pre-bookings after this show at this time
  • Motion to vote : unanimous
  • Venue Talk : look into venues
  • Ideas for venue locations : empty warehouse , empty retail spots, ice rinks , and hotels

Needs for a show location and things to consider when checking out

  • Min 15 – 20 thousand square feet
  • Animal friendly / allowed to have open animals
  • Power and ATM allowance
  • Entrance and access to loading doors
  • Access to electrical panel and fuses
  • Pluses to consider : transit, parking, location

Fall expo booked for mid sun : Oct 20/21

Next meeting : June 11 2018

  •  Voted for Shawnessy Petland and meeting date : passed
  • Bonnie to book Shawnessy

Lake day :

  • July
  • Cody to arrange and set guest list
  • Potluck

Global TV

  • Izzy and lei will go and bring animals

Red deer TARAS attendance

  • TBA : contact Jim
  • Bonnie will go

Meeting End : 9:01 PM

September 18th 2017 Meeting Minutes

Sept 2017 Meeting Minutes

January 15th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Time start: 7:06 pm
Treasurer’s report: $24,786.18

Reviewed Minutes from Oct /Nov

AGM: May 22, 2018

Christmas Party

  •  Call deer foot in and inquire about pool for kids , games , potluck
  •  Call other venue places for games night

Spring Show

  • Background stuff being sorted
  • Tables go on sale Jan
  • Volunteer coordinator (tabled to next meeting )
  • Hot spot for wifi (tabled to next meeting )
  • Proper handling guidelines (must have a board member present in the kids’ corner at all
  • Cycling through adults and animals in kids corner more frequent
  • Signs of facts on different animals through the show and kids room (specially the common
    species and life expectancies)

Discussion on memberships with those who were live
Review of volunteer ages and door ages

  •  Min 10 years old to volunteer. need adult to volunteer with them to age of 14 of age
  • Contact info for parents and guardians till 16 yrs of age

Next meeting blood python
Update Stephanie and Liam’s membership
Contact the humane society for their needs and donation accepted (tabled till next meeting)
Vendor meal paid by TARAS (tabled to next meeting)
Show sponsor questions.
Pop and water for volunteers: 2 flats of water 1 pop Costco

Shawnessy Petland needs to be booked for Feb. 20th
Family day at Eau Claire Market Feb.

November 20th 2017 Meeting Minutes

Nov 2017 Meeting Minutes