May 7th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Start time : 7PM

Treasurer’s Report : $18,490.86

Review of meeting minute from February: Passed Unanimous

Discussion on MVP criteria

  • What makes them MVP
  • How to choose ie: who picks, draw, etc.
  • Izzy will ask around at what volunteers stuck out for people

Pick up name stickers for volunteers

Aquarium Society discussion:

  • Lei will speak to them
  • We are not acting till they have had some success in their own shows in order to protect TARAS best interest
  • What is the benefit to TARAS to combine with Aquarium society
  • Lei to gather info and present it
  • Tabled till a future time

Show Stuff

  • Show set up : Izzy and Stephanie
  • Tarped space is still an issue at this point . We have lost 5ft in space with scaffolding and tarps
  • Take the space from the vendors and not the patrons
  • Approach with possible partial refund after show if it is still an issue
  • Tentative table layout is finished
  • Look at for future clips of global past for kids corner on the TV
  • Advertising is going well and trending high
  • 2 signs had to be moved from north Costco to harvest hills and bow bottom to Costco by east hills
  • Cody to pick up 2 flats of pop and 4 flats of water: put to vote motion – passed
  • Vendor supper TBA : will be self paid , volunteers welcome but again self paid
  • Lucas and Dawn will organize
  • Volunteer times: Sat 7am -9 am start , Sunday 10 am start


  • President : Cody Faulds
  • Vice President : Glyn Hersom
  • Treasurer : Andrea Hersom
  • Secretary : Bonnie Powell
  • Bulletin Editor : Lucas Neter

General Board Members :

  • Brandon Millichamp
  • Chad Adamson
  • Dawn Soul
  • Isa Kar (Volunteer coordinator )
  • Stephanie Faulds
  • Vanessa Millichamp

Discussion on Bylaws

  • Must have 11 board members

Show and tell ideas for meetings

  • Looking for more unique ideas and animals
  • Fall reptile show is booked
  • We will not be doing pre-bookings after this show at this time
  • Motion to vote : unanimous
  • Venue Talk : look into venues
  • Ideas for venue locations : empty warehouse , empty retail spots, ice rinks , and hotels

Needs for a show location and things to consider when checking out

  • Min 15 – 20 thousand square feet
  • Animal friendly / allowed to have open animals
  • Power and ATM allowance
  • Entrance and access to loading doors
  • Access to electrical panel and fuses
  • Pluses to consider : transit, parking, location

Fall expo booked for mid sun : Oct 20/21

Next meeting : June 11 2018

  •  Voted for Shawnessy Petland and meeting date : passed
  • Bonnie to book Shawnessy

Lake day :

  • July
  • Cody to arrange and set guest list
  • Potluck

Global TV

  • Izzy and lei will go and bring animals

Red deer TARAS attendance

  • TBA : contact Jim
  • Bonnie will go

Meeting End : 9:01 PM