March 18th, 2019 – Meeting Minutes


  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Glyn and Andrea Hersom
  • Natasha Cholowsky
  • Lucas Neter
  • Dawn Soul
  • Chad Adamson
  • Bonnie Powell
  • Jennifer, Toby, & Zoe Kliem

Start time: 7:13 pm, went live at 7:50 as things to discuss off camera.

Account balance as of date is $24,909.54

Previous meeting minutes read and voted all unanimous.

Tables for show are rented and booked, Table cloths ordered.

Went over show break down and jobs; what’s done and what’s not as of yet.

Talked about getting 5- 10 dollar gift cards for people who stay to help clean up after Sunday show. Voted and unanimous vote.

Voted for fuel cover for a presentation in Olds for Brandon and Vanessa. Voted and unanimous.

Discussed boosting event cost wise for posters and spending.

Figuring out Midsun fall dates checking in with other events and groups.

End time: 8:53 pm