January 21st, 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Attending meeting:

  • Vanessa and Brandon Millichamp
  • Cody and Stephanie Faulds
  • Lucas Neter
  • Toby, Zoe, & Lachlan Kliem
  • Austin Dorman
  • Dawn Soul
  • Natasha Cholowsky

Start time: 7:00 pm at Deerfoot Meadows Petland

Reading of previous meeting minutes, all were in favor

Discussed the show set up for the May show, and from sounds of it all is just about ready to go.

Discussed posters and are pulling from last posters used just changing a couple of things.

Cody sending copy of show break down which is discussed and handed out jobs for the show.

Discussed having both vets at the May show so vet checks go faster.

Brandon and Vanessa are doing the tv media stuff for show information and getting it out there.

Talked about possible other game nights and if it was worth it or not.

Discussed day of learning on renting a 15 passenger van, TARAS pay fuel and van rental – voted on and vote unanimous.
Lucas driving van.

Also discussed other possible days of learning possibilities such as birds of prey museum and others.

Show Jobs

  • signs and posters – Lucas
  • Food truck – Cody
  • Show bookings this show – Stephanie
  • Show media/news channels – Brandon and Vanessa
  • Vet checks with the 2 vets – Brandon and Vanessa

End time: 8:40 pm with show and tell Florida king snake