January 15th, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Time start: 7:06 pm
Treasurer’s report: $24,786.18

Reviewed Minutes from Oct /Nov

AGM: May 22, 2018

Christmas Party

  •  Call deer foot in and inquire about pool for kids , games , potluck
  •  Call other venue places for games night

Spring Show

  • Background stuff being sorted
  • Tables go on sale Jan
  • Volunteer coordinator (tabled to next meeting )
  • Hot spot for wifi (tabled to next meeting )
  • Proper handling guidelines (must have a board member present in the kids’ corner at all
  • Cycling through adults and animals in kids corner more frequent
  • Signs of facts on different animals through the show and kids room (specially the common
    species and life expectancies)

Discussion on memberships with those who were live
Review of volunteer ages and door ages

  •  Min 10 years old to volunteer. need adult to volunteer with them to age of 14 of age
  • Contact info for parents and guardians till 16 yrs of age

Next meeting blood python
Update Stephanie and Liam’s membership
Contact the humane society for their needs and donation accepted (tabled till next meeting)
Vendor meal paid by TARAS (tabled to next meeting)
Show sponsor questions.
Pop and water for volunteers: 2 flats of water 1 pop Costco

Shawnessy Petland needs to be booked for Feb. 20th
Family day at Eau Claire Market Feb.